Boldstream is a production and streaming platform that creates two-way interactive streaming media. Boldstream transforms online video watching into online participation with your show. Boldstream makes your viewers your direct customers in a compelling way. Boldstream is developed and offered by Smart Blonde Interactive Corp (SBIC)
See what the players see. Watch what you want to watch.

Choose from over a hundered different camera angles, some worn by the performers and audience.

Fans can follow their favorite stars at the Emmys, Oscars, or Grammys.

Hear what Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad hears, from his POV cam or mic.

Pre-recorded Interactivity

Loyal viewers could follow their favorite character for as long as they like. Watch the next scene from Sherlock's perspective...or Watson's.

Make a real difference in the game.

On a reality TV or game shows, audiences can text, talk, or webcam chat with the cast. Imagine tipping off your favorite reality TV stars from your tablet, or helping them out with a puzzle.

Audience as Players

Compete along with the people on the set, or control the set itself. Act as sentry for the contestants, fire the turret from a laptop at Starbucks.

Watch Justin Timberlake take a guitar solo, or Jay-Z rock the mic.